General information

Gerbera Group is a company engaged in the field of hospitality. We work with professional teams and always put honest work forward. Service becomes the next focus. With great teams in it, we believe we will remain the best hotel in Bogor.

The price and quality we provide is an example for all hotels in Bogor. They always see our movements when making price changes. We not only maintain our position as the best hotel, but we will not stop to make improvements in everything.


we receive more than 100 job registrants every month. they hope to be part of this great team. with the number of businesses we have, job opportunities are always there and we never stop providing the best training for every individual in the company.

The following is the category of work we provide. Let’s join the Gerbera Group.

  • Room Service
  • Janitor
  • Security
  • Waitress
  • Chef
  • Front Office
  • Information & Technology

Privacy policies

what about the security of the data you send? no need to worry about it. even we never store your data directly. any information you provide will be directly sent to amail booking room at the hotel.

then we will delete the data periodically. therefore you will not receive any advertising information and other annoying things from us.

Third party policies

we have several third party booking services (Online Travel Agent). The price listed may not be the same as the one at the hotel. If the price is below the price on our website, that means the third party is holding a big promo for consumers in Bogor.

But you do not have to worry about all that stuff. Through your data website quickly go straight into our system and we will contact you quickly.

You will have plenty of time and will feel more calm when booking through the website.

Children Information

Our hotel was awarded several times by OTA for having exceptional facilities. With our vast location, makes us easily provide different facilities.

Our hotel is very friendly for children. A convenient and secure location makes you not have to worry about the condition of your children. Let them play as they pleased. They should grow with better creativity and intelligence.

In addition, we even provide a special swimming pool for children. Yes, we have a pool that is not too deep. But with the nature of the children who sometimes urinate an do various things, make us make a special pool for children.


We will always update all information every week. You do not have to worry about the outdated information here. We will not let our website give troubles to the troublemakers. Please contact us immediately if it finds important and disturbing information.